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You Can Be The Next Canadian Slots Millionaire With Alberta Diamond Slot Machines

Canadians love their casinos, and they especially love their slots games. Canada has many land-based and online casino options for citizens to enjoy. One of the most popular physical casino games in Canada is Diamond Millions, also known as the Alberta Diamond Slot Machines.

While you can only find the game at actual casinos in Alberta, you can get a taste of the excitement at the Diamond Millions website. The shining diamond in the middle of the page will alert you to treasures in store, while the bright blue geometric background reinforces the diamond theme.

What is this game? And why is it so beloved in Alberta and beyond? The answers to those questions will be revealed in this article. Read on to find out all about the fabulous slots game, Diamond Millions.

What Are Progressive Slots?

To start things off, let’s establish what a progressive slots game is. A progressive slots game is a slot machine where there is no set jackpot. 

Most slot machines, whether you are playing at an online casino or at a brick-and-mortar venue, have set payouts. This includes a maximum jackpot that can usually only be won with both a multiplier and a perfect combination of special symbols on the screen. 

However, progressive slots are different because their jackpots are constantly growing. Every single time a person plays, the jackpot increases. These progressive slots are available both at online casino sites and at land casinos all over the world.

Since their invention, progressive slot machines have quickly become one of the most popular types of casino games. Everyone wants a chance to win over a million dollars! Some jackpots go up even higher than that.

Diamond Millions: Canada’s Finest Progressive Slots Game

Now that you know what a progressive slot game is, you are ready to find out all about Alberta Diamond Slot Machines / Diamond Millions. Diamond Millions are actual slot machines that are playable at casinos and Racing Entertainment Centres all over Alberta, Canada.

Currently, at the time of this article, the jackpot at Diamond Millions is a whopping $1,574,094 – and growing! Check back to see how much it has grown since then, or find out if someone has won!

Diamond Millions is a dollar wager game, which means that the lowest wager you can put is one dollar, and the greatest wager you can bet is three dollars. In order to be eligible for the million-plus dollar jackpot, you must bet the maximum wager of three dollars. 

What is so special about Diamond Millions is that the jackpot automatically starts at $1 million. This is in contrast to some online casino progressive slots that begin at much lower minimums.

Diamond Millions has been running since 2012, and since then, 13 people have won jackpots of over $1,000,000. At the time of this article, the most recent winner won on February 26th, 2016.

Another benefit of Diamond Millions over online casino progressive slots is that you get a massive check handed to you right then and there – what could be more thrilling than that? 

There is only one caveat to playing Diamond Millions. Due to Alberta and federal laws, you must be over eighteen years old to play the game. If you are under 18, all you can do is wait for that special birthday!

Where Can You Play Diamond Millions?

There are twenty-eight Diamond Millions games in different locations all over the province of Alberta. On the Diamond Millions website, you can use a customized map feature to find the casino closest to you.

In the northern Alberta, there is a machine at Boomtown Casino in Fort McMurray. Continuing south, there are two machines near Grand Prairie, at the Great Northern Casino and at Evergreen Park. As you move east, there is a Diamond Millions machine at Eagle River Casino in Whitecourt.

Edmonton is a wonderful city to visit if you are interested in playing Diamond Millions. There are eight of the machines all within the city limits. 

The casinos that have them are Apex Casino, Casino Yellowhead, Century Casino Edmonton, Northlands Park Racetrack & Casino, Baccarat Casino, River Cree Resort & Casino, Palace Casino, and Casino Edmonton. 

Slightly farther outside of the city, you can find a Diamond Millions machine at Camrose Resort Casino. Continuing south, there are two Alberta Diamond Slot Machines in Red Deer, Alberta. These machines are at Cash Casino – Red Deer and Jackpot Casino.

Calgary is another city that will satisfy your craving for thrilling slots, as there are seven Diamond Millions machines in the city, and two more slightly outside of it. 

The following casinos have the game: Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino, Century Downs, Casino Calgary, Cowboys Casino, Elbow River Casino, Century Casino Calgary, Cash Casino Place, Grey Eagle Casino, and Deerfoot Inn & Casino.

The southernmost games are in Lethbridge (Casino Lethbridge and Whoop Up) and Medicine Hat (Casino By Vanshaw). With so many locations around Alberta, you can be sure that you will be able to find a Diamond Millions machine near you. 

If you are interested in a thrilling slots experience and the chance to win millions, find your nearest Diamond Millions / Alberta Diamond Slot Machines and play today!