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In 2010 BCLC advanced to the forefront of online gambling in Canada, becoming the first gambling corporation in North America to offer legal, regulated online casino games via its PlayNow.com. website. Today gamers and visitors in British Columbia can access all of their favourite tablet games, card games, arcade games and slots, along with the non-casino lotteries, sports betting and bingo games at the BCLC online casino.

30 Years of Experience

In 2012 the British Columbia Lottery Corporation celebrated 30 years of providing gambling entertainment to the province. BCLC started out as a partner in the Western Canada Lottery Corporation which conducted lotteries in conjunction with the Lottery corporations of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. In 1982 the partnership started to operate the national Canadian Lotto 6/49 in the four western provinces.

Lotto 6/49's "pick your own number" feature proved popular because it gave gamers the opportunity to play numbers of their own choosing. Lotto 6/49 jackpots grew quickly -- within two years the Lotto 6/49 BCLC winning numbers jackpot had reached $13.9 million dollars -- drawing American residents from the Northwest to cross the border and play Lotto 6/49 in BC.

BCLC formed in 1982 in order to move gambling in British Columbia forward. In 1986 BCLC  launched Lotto BC – the first BC-only game – which was quickly followed by BC/49 in 1992.  The BC Finance Ministry, under whose auspices BCLC operates, gave BCLC responsibility to manage slot machines in 1997 and BCLC became responsible for table games in land-based British Columbia casinos in 1998.

By the early years of the 21st century casino enthusiasts were already considering the advantages and disadvantages of land-based casinos vs online casino gambling. More and more land-based casinos were opening, both to meet the needs and expectations of the local Vancouver population and to attract gamers from the United States who crossed into BC to play at some of the extravagant BC casino venues.

However, many gamers were looking for gambling options that would allow them to proceed with their gaming so that they could play from the comfort of their own homes. In addition, the house edge of land-based casinos is much higher than that of online casinos, making that type of casino gambling a less-rewarding option than internet gaming.

Moving Online

By 2004 the BCLC was laying the infrastructure which would allow it to become Canada's first provincially-approved online lottery site. BCLC launched PlayNow as a secure gambling website through which players could purchase lottery tickets online. Today, BCLC lottery products that can be purchased online include BCLC keno, BCLC 6/49, BCLC lotto max and the BC 649. Gamers can buy their tickets online, either as individual tickets or in ticket groups, and ascertain the BCLC lotto max winning numbers, the BCLC keno winning numbers and the other winning numbers within minutes of each draw.

Players can also search the BCLC website for instructions, guidelines and tips for how to play lotto max and any of the other BCLC lottery products.

PlayNow Future

Even as BCLC was advancing its online lottery activities, it continued to envision the future of gaming as activities that take place primarily at brick-and-mortar casino sites. By 2009, however, it had become clear that the PlayNow.com site was drawing significantly more traffic than either brick-and-mortar casino sites or land-based lotteries.

To meet the expanding need for online gambling options, BCLC opened its Online Casino in 2010. BCLC became the BCLC the first North American Gambling Corporation to offer legal, regulated online casino games.

Today the BCLC PlayNow.com is a vibrant gambling attraction which operates a wide range of gambling options that meet any gaming interest or preference. All of the BCLC activities are undertaken on behalf of the province and a portion of the revenues from these games are donated to local charities and non-profits.

Game Options

There are dozens of game options on the BCLC PlayNow.com website. Gamers have their choice of lotteries, sports betting, bingo games, table games, card games, craps, roulette, bo and multiple online slots.

Some of the top BCLC slots include the suspense-filled Battleship, Battle of the Atlantic, Black Knight and Black Widow slots, whimsical slots such as Astro Fruit, Alice – Mad Tea Party, Cats and Chinese New Year, The history-themed Rome and Egypt, Mayan Riches,  Cleopatra and Gods of the Nile and slots with a science-fiction storyline such as the Day of the Dead, Invaders from the Planet Moolah, Lunaris and Monster Carlo.

Among these slots options players can find both advanced, fast-paced five-reel video slots with interactive elements and sedate three-reel classic slots with limited paylines and a more easy pace for simple spins and wins.  


Poker at BCLC can take the form of single-player online gaming or a competition between two partners, located in two different Canadian locales. The Canadian Poker Network was established as a partnership between BCLC PlayNow and the Loto-Quebec Corporation. Through this partnership play online gamers can play poker in competition with other players in the partnership region.  

Quebec and BC gamblers can meet at the Poker Partnership website Espacejeux.com which is accessible in both English and French. There are eight poker alternatives at the site, ranging from classic poker and no-limit poker to hold ’em poker and Omaha poker. There are also more exotic poker games such as Canadian Stud (aka Soko) poker game -- a five-card stud poker variation. Players compete against each other and take home their wins.

Casino Welcome Bonus

The BCLC casino offers a lucrative Welcome Bonus that gives players the opportunity to play more games for more time for free. New players are invited to sign up for the PlayNow site and enter the CASINO100 promo code. On their first deposit of $100 or more they receive a $100 casino Free Play token. There's a 30x wagering requirement on the $100 sign-up bonus, making it a lucrative casino promotion that you can use on your first 30 deposits.

Sports Betting - via the BCLC PlayNow site sports fans can place bets on any of their preferred sports games. Sports bets are accepted for a wide range of pro and college sports matches including basketball, golf, rugby, football, hockey, tennis and other single-player and team matches.


At the present time there is no BCLC mobile option, but of course, this can change at any moment. In the meantime, the BCLC online casino is available via any Internet browser on any laptop or desktop PC for safe and secure Canadian gambling entertainment.