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Calgary's Deerfoot Casino's $2.5 MILLION Jackpot Giveaway – the biggest in Alberta History

A couple playing at the Calgary Deerfoot Inn and Casino hit it big when they won an enormous $2.5 million dollars on the Diamond Millions slot machine. This huge win in Calgary in August 2013 was made by a couple who were out celebrating their anniversary. The husband had just sat down to play at the Diamonds Million machine when he hit the jackpot. His shock and disbelief quickly turned into happy shrieks and high-fives all round.


Diamond Millions is a progressive slot machine. The progressive slot machines are a group of machines that are linked together by a network. Every time a player deposits a wager into the machine, a percentage of that wager will be placed into the progressive jackpot. Every time someone plays at the machine the jackpot will continue to grow until eventually a lucky player will hit the jackpot. Progressive machines that are linked to other casinos offer the largest jackpots that can be life changing. To have a chance at winning the progressive jackpot players must usually wager the maximum bet and activate all of the machine's paylines.

The Diamond Millions machine has a jackpot that starts at 1 million and grows in three dollar increments. There are 172 of the Diamond Millions slot machines connected across 27 casinos in Alberta. The machine's jackpot is usually won three to four times a year according to this casino.   


The grand prize of $2,501,462.02 was paid out by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor commission. This payout makes the couple the biggest Calgary casino winners and is more than double the second largest slot machine prize in Alberta of $1.28 million that was paid out in June 2012 at the Camrose resort and casino in Edmonton. Interestingly, this slot jackpot win was also on the Diamonds Millions slot machine.


These Calgary Winners join the lucky players who have been fortunate to win millions when playing at the casino and have changed their lives by becoming overnight millionaires. Although winning a million dollars is not the biggest overall win ever made at a casino, CW won his million dollars win in the year 1892 in Monte Carlo. This win was made after an 11 hour Roulette marathon. Charlie became known as the player who broke the bank, not only did he become rich and famous overnight, he also inspired musicians who wrote songs about his lucky win.

In more recent years players have won enormous jackpots with some of the most noteworthy ones being a $21 million win playing on the Megabucks progressive slots and a $3.8 million dollar win by an online casino player who was playing on the Arabian Knights progressive slots. The largest jackpot in Las Vegas history was won in March 2003 by a 25 year old software engineer who won $39.7 million at the Megabucks slot machine.

Whether you play at the land based casino or the online casino, if you enjoy slots, Poker or Roulette, the most important factor when playing at the casino is to enjoy your gaming experience. It goes without saying that you should bet within your means and never bet more than you can afford. A win such as the lucky win in Calgary is certainly possible but until Lady Luck comes knocking at your door, make sure to just have fun and let the good times roll!