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Darrin Rose at the Elbow River Casino

Anyone in Calgary who loves to go out and have a good time should know about the Elbow River shows – and that soon there will be Darrin Rose at the Elbow River Casino. The Calgary night life has been vastly enriched since the Elbow River hit the scene, and this includes live performances, great gaming, food locations and so much more. Darrin Rose, one of the upcoming Calgary shows, is one of the stars of the CBC sitcom Mr. D. He’s a regular cast member on MuchMusic’s Video On Trial. He’s been nominated twice for the Canadian Comedy Award as the Best Male Stand-up in 2011 and Best Newcomer in 2007. He had a one man show called “What’s Potpourri?” that received four stars at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival in 2010. And now, he’s going to be part of the Elbow River shows. He’ll be here on January 29th in the Yuk Yuk venue, helping people to have a blast and to enjoy the night life they can have here.

The Place for Entertainment

The Calgary night life at the Elbow River Casino is really something to behold. Just a block away from the Victoria Park train station, this casino is open from 9 in the morning to 3 in the morning every day. It is the place to enjoy Off Track Betting facilities that show more races than anywhere else in the area. They have a racing theater or the chance to enjoy the action from the Telephone Account betting system that they have in place. This entertainment in Calgary was voted as the “best place to gamble” in FFWD’s 2010 “Best of Calgary” reader’s poll.

Betting for a Good Cause

In addition to the Darrin Rose at the Elbow River Casino show coming up and the Calgary night life, the casino also does some wonderful things for the community. The Elbow River Casino operates with Alberta’s charitable gaming model. This means that they split their proceeds with charitable organizations. The casino employees are also part of many charitable initiatives. They collect stuffed animals for children, donate to food banks, give gifts to seniors at Christmas and participate in international relief efforts. Most recently, the Elbow River Casino staff took part in the Ice Bucket challenge to raise money for ALS research. Now that was something to see!

Gaming Fun

As part of the Calgary night life, the casino has so many games that it’s hard to decide where to start. The entertainment in Calgary for players includes roulette, craps, slot machines, poker, blackjack and so much more. Players will find well lit, nicely decorated and comfortable rooms where they can play and enjoy all sorts of awesome games. They can play at almost any time of the day or night and can get out of the cold and into the fun with the Elbow River casino and the Elbow River shows. And, of course, with the places to eat, they don’t have to leave even when they get hungry. Whether people like Calgary shows, the night life or great gaming, you will always have entertainment here. This is the location for everything that people love to do whether they are with a bridal party, celebrating a birthday, or just going out to hang out with friends. Have a blast today any time of the day or night.