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Grupo Niche Comes to Calgary

The well-known salsa group from Columbia, Grupo Niche, is the top bill of entertainment at Century Casino on February 15th this year. This is a special Valentine’s Day performance although it comes a day after the special lover’s day. The Grupo Niche salsa group was established in 1978 in a small city in Columbia and since then has become recognized worldwide with a reputation for its excellent music and great show. The group today consists of between 10 - 14 members who sing and dance with the audience turning the show into a fun and exciting dance party rather than a sit down and watch show.

This Calgary entertainment is billed as a Family Day long weekend. All members of the family are invited to come and enjoy the show. Cost of the tickets is not cheap but it is expected to be a sellout event, tickets in advance cost $65 and on the night, the tickets are selling for $75. Doors will open at 7pm but the show is not scheduled to start until 9pm giving the audience plenty of time to settle in, find a good place, and have a few drinks and even something to eat before their night of music, laughter and dance.

The Full Package with Grupo Niche

The Century Casino offers many different Calgary events for its visitors, all of which are advertised on the home page of the casino together with large advertising posters all over the casino. The Calgary events are renowned for their success and fun complementing the main casino that is open from 9.30 am to 3 am every day of the week. Table games are open from 11am and the slots from 10am. There are a number of restaurants and bars on site that open at 9.30 am and remain open through the night until 2am. The Century Casino also offers off track betting that operates between 9.30 am and 12 am. Apart from the wide choice of casino games offered at the casino, there is also a bowling alley where visitors can enjoy one of the thirty lanes offered.

Family Time with Grupo Niche

Visiting the Century Casino is not just a visit to play some casino games - it is a full on family experience where the youngsters can enjoy family activities while the older generation enjoy their choice of casino games. The Calgary entertainment channels recommend the Century Casino for their choice shows and special entertainment groups that are brought in on a regular basis. The Grupo Niche is one of the most famous of all dance groups to come to the Calgary events and the casino management is hoping for a sold out evening. Tickets can be purchased by calling the phone number advertised directly and at the same time interested parties can inquire about the other shows that are advertised over the next few months.

The Valentines Family Day long weekend promises to be one of the best all round events at the casino this year.  The event promises to be a colorful event with all guests being asked to “dress to impress”. This is an event for all ages where fathers will be seen taking a break from work and the tablets to enjoy dancing with their daughters and mothers will be all dressed up with no worries about the house, enjoying a night out with their families. Additional staff will be on hand to help visitors with any queries that they may have making sure that every visitor to the Century Casino and the special Grupo Niche show will have an evening to remember.