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Kenny Shields – Your Favourite Show at Your Favourite Place… with the Best Games!

The beginning of the new year is the best time to get out of the house, to enjoy some great music of reputable artists, and to have some fun with the family and all the best friends. Some people already start to book in advance their seats for events that will be taking place in fine event centres in late January. If you, too, find a great event you are probable to enjoy from, it would be a wise decision to save a place as well.

One of the best events that is coming up soon is the great show of Kenny Shields. This artist is known for his great music, beautiful voice, fun rhythm and so much more. His avid fans would surely be pleased to know that in a very short while they will be able to see him live at Deerfoot Inn and Casino, and that they better make sure they have tickets before everything is sold out. Those who are yet to be familiar with his materials better learn everything about him as soon as possible, since everybody who already saw one of his shows, describe the event as special and unforgettable.

Is Kenny Shields the Kind of Artist I Would Like to Hear? How Can I Learn More about Him?

Kenny Shields' songs are usually described as fun. No sad songs or metal music expect those who will come to the show. As a matter of fact, people can expect fun songs which will be great for cool dancing, as well as for singing along.

If you want to hear some of Kenny Shields' materials before you come to the show, searching some videos of him on YouTube would definitely be the smart thing to do. As a matter of fact, not only will you be able to listen to his music, but you will also get the chance to see some live shows of him. Such videos will let you enjoy the closest experience to what you are about to have as you come to the show.

Making a quick search on Kenny Shields on Google will also be beneficial as you will be able to find some descriptive websites about him, learn more of him via Wikipedia, read his biography and so on. His Facebook page will be just as informative for you, and you will also be exposed to further relevant information about him.

I Am Convinced! When and Where Will the Show be Taking Place?

Avid fans are welcome to buy the tickets as soon as possible to the show which will occur on Saturday, January 30th, 2016. The time and place are 18:30 – 21:00 at Deerfoot Inn and Casino. The current prices are $39.00, or $59.00 for the fans who can't give up sitting in one of the first ten rows.

Deerfoot Inn and Casino? Awesome! Are there any Additional Shows in this Place?

Not only there are additional shows there, but Deerfoot Inn and Casino is actually known for the reputable Calgary entertainment area which can hold some of the best events and shows in the area! Visitors will be able to enjoy shows of other great artists such as Kim Mitchell, Gino Monopoli (Elvis Tribute), Jonny Lang, Tom Green, and many others.

The variety of Calgary shows seems to never end, and thus gives visitors the ability to come back over and over again, to enjoy great music, and even to benefit from the multiple other advantages of a Calgary casino.

What Are the Benefits of a Calgary Casino?

Deerfoot Inn and Casino, which is definitely the best casino in Calgary, lets players enjoy a lot of wonderful casino games, events and so many other things, that make it totally worth out getting out of the house, even in the cold winter!

First of all, gamblers coming over will be able to enjoy the Christmas Gift Certificates which will be available in the Casino Slot Cage. The Christmas Gift Card Special, will let players enjoy a $50 gift card for $40 only! Gamblers will immediately enjoy $10 FREE VALUE and these cards will be available at the front desk.

If you can't wait to start playing, you can expect to enjoy no less than 767 exciting slots which will be open at 10:00 AM. If Live Action Table are what interests you most, you will probably like to know that 26 such games will be open from 12:00 PM – 3:00 AM on weekdays, and from 11:00 AM – 3:00 AM on weekends.

24 hour Poker room will be available for players during all week long, both on working days and weekends. In addition to that, players will also be able to join the special Club 1 Loyalty Program which will give them a lot of exclusive offers and discounts!

Sounds Exciting! I Want to Stay For A WEEK! How Can I Do That?

You are surely not the only one. A lot of players have already visited this place only to see a nice show, fell in love and decided to stick around for a longer period than previously planned. Especially for players like you, a lot of comfortable solutions exist, which are quite sure to answer all your needs.

When it comes to accommodation, be sure you will be able to enjoy the hotel available for players. 188 luxurious guest rooms, which include 28 spacious suites with beautiful views of mountains and the city. The rooms are equipped with 32 inch LCD flat screens, a lot of pillow top mattresses, a responsive climate control, and an offering of all necessities, including coffee and tea makers, mini fridges, hair dryers, a working desk, and so on.

When it comes to food and beverage, players can also count on this place to supply them with all of their needs. Diners will be able to enjoy the island bar, sushi bar, cactus-lounge, mohave grill, Friday night buffet, etc.

It is warmly advised to check in advance the offering of each such area in Deerfoot Inn and Casino's website, since each one of them (and each one of the other spaces not mentioned here) have a wide and tempting offering which visitors may want to know all about in advance. This way, they will be able to choose in, prior to the arrival, where they will be dining, and thus they will surely have a great experience.

Additionally, it is also good to check out the website's information in that matter, simply since the operation hours of each kitchen are detailed, and it is always good to know when to go each place.