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Passport to Riches - win your share of $100K at All Slots!

You really can win your share of amazing prizes with the Passport to Riches promotion. You can play CA real money promotions here with the many sites that offer this promotion for July. This includes All Slots Casino, All Jackpots Casino, First Web Casino, Wild Jack Casino and the VIP Lounge Casino. As you get started, you’ll see just how much fun you can have with the All Slots online casino and the other sites and all of the benefits of being part of this promotion. With the Passport to Riches - win your share of $100K at All Slots! It’s really true.

How It Works

The online contests start on July 5 and run through August 1. You opt in and deposit 50 credits or more each week as part of the promotion. You’ll get a passport and you can feel yourself traveling around the world collecting stamps and collecting chances to be part of the great wins they have here. You’ll get one stamp for each day that you wager and are part of the promotion and the stamps translate to awesome weekly prizes and to a grand prize two times during the month. That’s a lot of ways to enjoy Passport to Riches - win your share of $100K at All Slots!

Being Involved

There are four parts as you play CA real money promotions like this one. Week 1 takes place from July 5-11 and week 2 is from July 12-18. Week three is from July 19-25 and week 4 is from July 26- August 1. Every Sunday you’ll see how many stamps you have and will then have the chance to win based on the amount. You can win as much as 50 credits with 2-3 stamps in a week, as much as 100 credits with 4-6 stamps and as much as 150 credits with 7 or more stamps. The crediting all takes place on Sundays and you’ll see how you did at that time. Of course, you can check on your stamps while you play each week by logging in and checking how you’re doing. You can also see your stamps at the My Offers are and it’s always a blast to check how you’re doing and to keep track of it all.

Souvenir Prizes

How, you’ll get extra souvenir prizes when you hit the two to four stamp mark in a given week. You can get extra loyalty points for 24 hours on all games. You can also win free spins on featured games after you make a deposit. This is valid for the promotion period for the given week.

Passport to Riches Draw

There is also a very exciting chance with the Passport to Riches Draw. This means that 20,000 in prizes will be given to players who have earned stamps during the promo period. There is a drawing that will take place twice during the month. It will take place on July 19 and again on August 2 and will award 10,000 credits in bonuses on each of those dates. That’s how with the Passport to Riches - win your share of $100K at All Slots! This is an awesome way to enjoy the game and to have a great time along the way.

Be part of the fun. Even if you aren’t traveling the world this summer, you can travel it with All Slots online casino and the online contests they offer. Have a blast with the chance to play CA real money promotions and maybe you’ll be one of the big winners.