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Pharaoh's Treasure - win your share of $150K at All Slots!

If you’re ready to have a blast with a number of the awesome online casino sites, then you’ll want to know about the Pharaoh's Treasure - win your share of $150K at All Slots! When you start to hear about this promotion, you’ll see just how much fun the online casino contests can be and you’ll be ready to have a blast today. This offer goes from June 3 until June 30th and is valid with a number of casino sites. These sites include All Slots Casino, All Jackpots Casino, First Web Casino, Wild Jack Casino and The VIP Lounge Casino - all among the very best Calgary online casinos. In order to be part of the promotion, all that you have to do is give in your username and then you’ll click on the “Unlock My Treasure” section. You’ll then be part of the promotion.

Getting in the Fun

You can win at online casinos with this awesome promotion. This promotion has eight rounds and each one covers three days. During each of these sections, you’ll be able to unlock as many as three treasure chests. The amount that you can unlock depends on how many unique games you played in the period before this round. This means that each section builds from the one before it. So, if you played between two and five games and you have a minimum of 10 bets for each game, then you’ll unlock one treasure chest. If you played 6-10 games in the last round and you have bets of 10 per game or more, then you’ll get the chance to check out two treasure chests. If you’ve made 10 best on at least 11 games, you’ll get to check out three chests and then get the prizes with those online casino games choices. Keep in mind that if you’ve played less than two games from the last round, then you won’t get any prizes with this round.

Even More Fun

As you look into ways to win at online casinos, you’ll see even more fun with this promotion. Now, the treasure that you’ve won all needs to be opened during the round that you’re in and if it isn’t claimed then it will expire. The prize choices with the online casino contests offer all sorts of great fun. You can win free spins with Avalon, Terminator II and Golden Princess. You can enjoy the prizes on these games on any platforms from ones that you download to instant play and even with mobile. This means that the prizes really count in any platform and for any way that you want to play. It’s possible, as well, to find yourself with a flat bonus of between five and 100 credits. You can also get doubled points on the game that is featured or other games in that round.

Having a Blast

It’s time to have more fun with the summer. Open yourself up to the excitement offered with the game and enjoy Pharaoh's Treasure - win your share of $150K at All Slots! You’ll be amazed at the fun that you can have at All Slots. Simply getting started there you’ll see that there are oodles of ways to have a blast with All Slots Casino. And this is one of the many. Have a great time getting more time for your money and having a blast with this new promotion that opens up the summer months.