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Pirate's Loot - Win your Share at All Slots!

Throughout the centuries sailors and ship captains alike feared ruthless pirates who plundered their way through the wealth of private individuals and entire governments. Historians estimate that the damage that the pirates of the Middle Ages caused to the Spanish Armada played a great part in the ultimate British victory over Spain. Today the pirates have returned but online gamers reap the benefits when they participate in the Pirate's Loot - win your share at All Slots! promotion.

Pirate's Loot is the latest and most exciting of the Canada online promotions which are featured at All Slots. You're invited to play online contests that offer you extra chances to expand your gambling wins when you play any of your favourite online casino games. Regardless of whether you prefer to play high-action card games, simple lotteries, themed video slot machines or traditional table games, you'll find more wins and higher payouts via the monthly promotions. August features the Pirate's Loot - Win your Share at All Slots! promotion in which you spin the pirates' compass  and join players from around the world in sharing the $100,000 in bonus booty and generous give-aways.

Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger flies overhead as you get ready to check and see what kind of swag the pirates have waiting for you. Over the years pirates buried chests of gold, silver, coins and jewels in secret hiding places around the world. Archaeologists have uncovered the stolen goods that Phoenician pirates captured as they terrorized the ancient ships of the Mediterranean. Other pirates, including Gan Ning of China, Hayreddin Barbarossa (Redbeard) of the Ottoman Empire and Anicetus of Greece ruled the seas and brought great empires to their knees by plundering the booty. By the Middle Ages pirates' power went well beyond military might – they plundered ships laden with the great riches of the New World and created economic chaos as the kings of Europe waited anxiously for the wealth which they intended to use to strengthen their empires – wealth that had been lost to pirate attacks.

To this day, no one knows where the treasures -- estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars -- were stashed by 16th and 17th century pirates such as Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Edward Teach and others. So there's plenty of boodle  nearby and you can earn your share when you play the Pirate's Loot - Win your Share at All Slots! promotion.

Old Salts

Old salts and landblubbers alike will find entertaining casino fun and excitement when they sign in to their casino account and join the Pirate's Loot promotion. Pirate's Loot is a simple bonus game that offers you a user-friendly challenge with major earning possibilities. Throughout the month of August, All Slots will be distributing $100,000 in Pirates Loot and you can earn your bundle with a simple spin of the pirates' compass.

Open up your personal casino account at the Download Casino on your PC, at the Flash Casino on any public Internet browser or on your smartphone or tablet mobile device. Navigate to the Pirates Loot webpage and spin the compass. You don't have to place any deposit to spin the compass – you receive one free spin of the compass during every one of the five promotional periods. Promotional periods include:  

  • August 2nd through August 8th
  • August 9th through August 15th
  • August 16th through August 22nd
  • August 23rd through August 29th
  • August 30th through September 5th

The outcome of your spin will indicate whether you have won free spins or free bonus credits and, of course, how much. Free spins and bonus credits both allow you to play more of your favourite games for real money without adding any additional deposits.

Spinning the compass doesn't obligate you to make any kind of deposit. Once you see where the compass point has landed you can decide how to proceed. When you receive notification of your win, you might find that you'll be required to make a deposit in order to collect your win. If you do receive such a request, you can forgo your Pirates Loot bonus credits or free spins or you can proceed to make your deposit and use your give-away spins and credits to earn even more swag.

For instance, let's say that you took a spin and won 10 bonus points. Your notification of this bonus alerts you to the requirement that you must deposit $40 credits in order to collect on your free spins. You can, if you want, forgo the bonus. Or, since you're already playing for real money, you can go ahead and make a $40 (or more) deposit on any game of your choice, a $20 deposit on any two selected games or any other deposit in any other combination that you choose. Once you meet the casino's minimum deposit requirement you'll add your bonus points to any of your preferred games and continue to play for real money prizes without adding any additional deposits.


The bonus credits and free spins are worth real money swaggle, making the Pirate's Loot - Win your Share at All Slots! well worth your while.

Bonus credits are applicable to all casino games. Free spins winners can use their free spins on Thunderstruck II, Ariana slot machine, Avalon slots Gold Factory slots or the Pistoleras slot machine. Winners can split up their free spins in any combination between these featured games or use them on one favourite slot machine. If you're playing on mobile you can join the bonus promotion on your handheld mobile device and use the free spins for Avalon slot machine gambling entertainment.

The bonus credits are awarded in increments of two, five, ten, fifteen, twenty-five, fifty or one hundred credits. The pirates loot compass will indicate the amount of bonus credits that you've won.

Pieces of Eight

Make your deposit on your preferred game if you've decided to use your free spins or bonus credits and start picking up your doubloon.

Log in within seven days of receiving your pieces of eight to access your prizes. If you wait more than seven days after your win, you could forfeit your free spins or bonus credits. All payouts won via these give-aways are credited to your bonus balance.

August is a month of thrills and real money wins, thanks to the lucrative Pirate's Loot - Win your Share at All Slots! promotion.