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Everyone Wins When They Spin the Reel O’ Fortune at All Slots Online Casino

You can always count on All Slots online casino to have a blockbuster online casino promotion!  Reel O’ Fortune is the March online casino promotion of Jackpot Factory, a group with five of the best online casinos for Canadians.  Reel O’ Fortune will start on March 1st and will run until March 28th during which you can win Loyalty Points at All Slots online casino or at any of the four other Jackpot Factory casinos; win cash bonuses; or win free spins on the Avalon slots game.  Reel O’ Fortune will culminate in a drawing, to be held online, to determine the lucky winners who will divide 1,000,000 Loyalty Points. 

Reel O’ Fortune is an actual spinning reel with 12 slots for wins.  There are no losing slots so everyone wins when they spin the Reel O’ Fortune.  The month of March will be divided into 8 time periods.  During each time period, you can spin the Reel O’ Fortune once.  Thus, you can spin the Reel O’ Fortune 8 times.  We encourage you to print out the 8 time periods and keep the schedule with you.  The Reel O’ Fortune promotion is for PC and mobile so you can get on and spin the reel wherever you are!

Three Winning Categories

There are three categories of wins on the Reel O’ Fortune.  First, there is one slot to win free spins.  If you play the free spins on PC, they will be for Avalon II.  If you use the free spins on mobile, they will be for the original Avalon slot. 

Let’s digress for just a minute to point out an important aspect of Reel O’ Fortune.

Jackpot Factory is keeping a single data base of all bonuses, free spins, and tickets to the drawing.   Any free spins or cash prizes won when you spin the Reel O’ Fortune at All Slots online casino or at any of the sister casinos in the Jackpot Factory Group and all tickets you win or receive when you deposit, will be kept in that single data base.  You can spin the Reel O’ Fortune from PC or mobile.  All the data collected are completely fungible, that is, you can win at one casino and play at another.

The second category of wins on the Reel O’ Fortune is for cash bonuses.  There are six winning slots.  They are for $5, $10, $15, $25, $50, and $100.  The third category is for tickets to the March 31st drawing where 1,000,000 Loyalty Points will be divided.  The cash value of 1,000,000 Loyalty Points is $10,000, quite an incentive to collect Loyalty Points.  On the Reel O’ Fortune you can win 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 tickets to the drawing.

Deposit to Accumulate Tickets to the Big Drawing

There is another way to collect tickets to the big drawing.  During the month, you receive one ticket for every $10 deposited at All Slots online casino or at any of the affiliated casinos, PC or mobile.

This leads into another brilliant aspect of the Reel O’ Fortune.  It’s true that you can accumulate tickets by depositing.  But you can also participate in the Reel O’ Fortune promotion without depositing.  That means that you can spin the reel without depositing.  Even new players who are interested in playing at All Slots online casino can participate in this March online casino promotion without depositing.  That makes the Reel O’ Fortune amount to a kind of no-deposit bonus for players.

About All Slots Online Casino

All Slots online casino is the flagship casino of the Jackpot Factory Group.  All Slots online casino has everything an online casino gamer may want.  All Slots has about 500 games.  Although the casino is called All Slots, it has a massive collection of casino games including 40 versions of blackjack, many video poker games, roulette, and many others.  At All Slots online casino, you can play blackjack, roulette, and baccarat at the Live Casino. 

All Slots online casino is continuing its fantastic Welcome Package that begins with a $5 no deposit bonus and then gets new players a total of $30 in free money and up to $500 in Welcome Bonuses. 

All Slots also has a large tutorial section giving players clear explanations of how to play various games complete with strategies.

Schedule for Reel O’ Fortune

Here’s a handy chart with the schedule for Reel O’ Fortune.  You can spin the reel once during each of these time periods.  From the end of one time period to the start of the next are some hours when you can deposit to gain tickets but not to spin the reel.

  • Period 1: March 1 at 12:00 GMT through March 3 at 23:59  GMT
  • Period 2: March 4 at 8:01  GMT through March 7 at 23:59  GMT
  • Period 3: March 8 at 8:01  GMT through March 10 at 23:59  GMT
  • Period 4: March 11 at 8:01  GMT through March 14 at 23:59  GMT
  • Period 5: March 15 at 8:01  GMT through March 17 at 23:59  GMT
  • Period 6: March 18 at 8:01  GMT through March 21 at 23:59  GMT
  • Period 7: March 22 at 8:01  GMT through March 24 at 23:59  GMT
  • Period 8: March 25 at 8:01  GMT through March 28 at 23:59  GMT

Play at All Slots Online Casino and Win Free Spins, Cash Bonuses, and Tickets

Reel O’ Fortune is possibly the most flexible promotion you’ve ever been offered.  You can participate on PC or on mobile; you can play at All Slots online casino or at any of its sister casinos; and you can use your free spins or cash bonuses at any of the participating casinos.  So try out your luck o' the Irish at Reel O' Fortune all month long.